Queen of Harts – 50ft Dutch Barge

Purchase Price – £155,000

Queen of Harts is a 50ft Dutch Barge currently moored in a highly sought-after residential mooring at Stewart Marine in Surbiton on the River Thames, overlooking Hampton Court Park.

This residential mooring run by Stewart Marine nestles behind the old Thames
reservoirs making it a quiet place, an ideal retreat from the hectic pace
of life. Sitting on deck with a glass of wine watching life on the river, it is
hard to believe that you are so close to the centre of London.

Life on the river is fun. The location is brilliant. Far enough to feel as
if you’re away from the world, but near enough to restaurants, pubs,
transport links, entertainment and leisure to make life easy.

General Specification

Boat Name:               Queen of Harts
Boat Class:          Dutch-type Barge
RCD Design Cat:                                  C
Builder:                   Tee Valley Marine

Length of hull:                          14.94m
Length OA:                                14.94m
Beam of Hull:                               3.20m
Beam Max:                                   3.22m
Draft (Fully Loaded):                0.95m
Air Draft:                                        2.80m

Weight:                   18,000Kg (Lightship)
Max Carry on Wt:                            250Kg
Max Passenger Wt:                        680Kg
Max Load on BP:                              850Kg
Permanent Load/tanks:             1,787Kg
Total Recommended Load:      2,568Kg
Weight Fully Loaded:              20.568Kg

Type of Propulsion:        Fixed Propeller
Engine Power:                                     56Kw
Gearbox:                                  PRM 260 D2
Fuel Tank Capacity:                            275L
Fuel Type:                                              Diesel
Water Tank Capacity:                       600L
Waste Tank Capacity:                       545L

Heating:             Webasto Thermptop C
W.C:                          Sanimarin SFA 2000

For more information or to enquire please contact Stewart Marine

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Tel: 020 8399 0297